Friday, May 1, 2009

a little intro

* My name is Brandy. * I am happily married to the greatest guy. * We have four children * I have a grandson, you figure it out. *I am very out-going, out-spoken, open minded and very opinionated. *I don't care what others think about me. * I was born on May 6. * I ♥ frogs * I'm currently studying computer science. * I usually can't tell you who-sings-what, so don't ask me. * I don’t watch much tv. * I love thunderstorms. * I'm usually quiet and shy, till I get to know you, then I can be loud. * I can count all of my true friends on one hand. * I'm probably not who you think I am, your imagination isn’t that good. * I can and will (if need be) kick your ass, don’t believe me, just push me. * I HATE to be used. * I know more about cars than you think a girl should. * I don’t strive to please you, get over it. * I live at Wal*Mart, I am there almost daily. * I hate to stay home. * I'm stubborn and opinionated. * Hence, I always think I'm right. * I think in a million different directions. Don't try to keep up. * I love to travel. * Anyone who comes between me and my family had better step back… it may get you hurt. * I'm a nice person until you ruin it. * My bitch mode is fully functional. Try me. ~♥~